2 May 2016
New CEFG Group Flyer published
28 April 2016
Press release about the scaling up of the CEFG Group and its 5th meeting in Amsterdam
1 April 2016
CEFG Group and the results of the first phase mentioned in EIPA's Annual Report 2015 (p. 49)
1 March 2016
The CEFG Group is recognised in Eurostat's EPSAS Update to EPSAS Working Group members and observers
1 December 2015
First European standardised financial report and 10 financial health KPIs for City Governments published - A unique achievement reached by six major European cities
2 March 2015
Article about the CEFG Group in EIPA's Annual Report of 2014 (pp. 16 & 50)
11 February 2015
Official CEFG-Group Flyer
18 November 2014
Barcelona acull la segona trobada de la cimera europea de ciutats per promoure la sostenibilitat de les finances públiques
27 September 2014
Barcelona impulsa en Maastricht una cumbre sobre finanzas locales
La Vanguardia
26 September 2014
Six Major European Cities meet at EIPA in Maastricht to share successful experiences of Public Finance Management EN ES NL
11 September 2014
Lots of buzz in hive of industry.
The Times
27 June 2014
Barcelona quiere extender su modelo de gestión a toda Europa.