The City of Trondheim (NO) joins the CEFG Group

The CEFG Group is proud to announce that the City of Trondheim (NO) - known as Norway's Innovation and Technology capital - has joined this high-level partnership as of January this year. It enriches the community of practice through its Nordic perspective to public and financial governance.

With a small but steadily increasing population of under 400,000 within the region, Trondheim is home to Norway's largest university, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Scandinavia's largest private research organisation, Sintef.

Innovation is not only an integral part of Trondheim's universities, but also of its public sector, which incorporates novel services from the cradle to the grave and augments democracy by partnering with the private sector, academia and civil society, making it an effective quadruple-helix model city. This strong provincial and municipal public leadership is demonstrated by Trondheim's University-City 3.0 Agreement, Europe's most comprehensive Municipality-University collaboration agreement.