City Facts

City Population: 195.449 (September 2018)
City Area: 341,19 km2
Metropolitan Area Population: 296.764 (September 2018)
Metropolitan Area: 7295 km2
City GDP: 11.000 (municipality, 2019)
(in million €)
GDP per inhabitant: 57 (municipality, 2019)
(in thousands per inhabitant)
Annual Budget:
Main business sectors by gross added value:

Trondheim is the largest city in the Trøndelag region, and the third largest in the country, following Oslo and Bergen. The city has almost 200.000 inhabitants.

Norway's largest university - the Norwegian University of Science and Technology - is located in Trondheim and has about 40.000 students. Trondheim is called the capital of science, technology and knowledge in Norway.


Innovation is not only an integral part of Trondheim's universities, but also of its public sector, which incorporates novel services from the cradle to the grave and augments democracy by partnering with the private sector, academia and civil society, making it an effective quadruple-helix model city. This strong provincial and municipal public leadership is demonstrated by Trondheim's University-City 3.0 Agreement, Europe's most comprehensive Municipality-University collaboration agreement.


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