Aerial Dublin (c) Peter Barrow


City Facts

City Population: 527.612
City Area: 118 km²
Metropolitan Area Population: 1,8 mio.
Metropolitan Area: 318 km2
City GDP: 21.607
(in million €)
GDP per inhabitant: 41
(in thousands per inhabitant)
Annual Budget: 863 (in million €, 2017)
Main business sectors by gross added value: Manufacturing; Information and Communication; Wholesale and Retail Trade, Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles

Dublin City Council is the largest Local Authority in Ireland, covering an area of 118 km2 with a resident population of 527.612 (Census 2011). It is one of four local authorities in the Dublin Region with a wider population of 1,27 million. Bound to strict austerity measures, but recovering from the effects of the global economic and financial crisis, Dublin focuses on the goals of maintaining an innovative and smart economy and vibrant neighbourhoods. It aspires to become the heart of the region, revitalising the economy, and strengthening the city centre as a national retail destination, while providing the conditions for sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.
Source: Dublin City Council. Annual Report & Accounts 2012 & Dublin City development Plan 2011-2017 (see documents below in the 'Documents' section)

Bridge at night (c) Ronnie Norton
Bridge at night (c) Ronnie Norton

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