City of London

City Facts

City Population: 8,42 million (Greater London)
City Area: 1.572 km2 (Greater London)
Metropolitan Area Population: 13,84 mio. (Eurostat estimates, 2015)
Metropolitan Area: 8.382 km2
City GDP: 446.536*
(in million €)
GDP per inhabitant: 51,5*
(in thousands per inhabitant)
Annual Budget: €412,1 million (OP13: current expenditures, standardised financial report figures 2015)
Main business sectors by gross added value: Financial and Insurance Activities; Real Estate Activities; Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities

With 8,42 mio. inhabitants, London is Europe’s most populous city and one of the "command centres" for the global economy. It comprises 33 local authorities – the 32 London boroughs and the City of London Corporation. Together, they form the Greater London area.

The City, or Square Mile, is at the heart of London. It is the world leader in international finance and business services. Around 400.000 people are employed here, joining its resident population of around 9.000, with more than 98% of businesses being small or medium sized enterprises. Its main business sectors are professional, scientific and technical (42%), finance and insurance (17%) and business administration and support services (9%).

The City of London Corporation, which looks after the Square Mile, has three main aims – to support and promote the City; to provide high quality local and policing services; and to provide valued services to London and the nation as a whole.

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