City Facts

City Population: 1.6 mio.
City Area: 102 km²
Metropolitan Area Population: 4.8 mio.
Metropolitan Area: 2500 km²
City GDP: 66,952.2€
(in million €)
GDP per inhabitant: 42.2
(in thousands per inhabitant)
Annual Budget: 2,736.2 (in million €, initial budget 2017)
Main business sectors by gross added value: education, health, administration and other services (23.1%), business services and real estate agents (19.9%), transport and  warehousing, information and communications (12.2%), retail  and repairs (11.5%), and hotels (8.4%

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and designated European capital of innovation for 2014, has more than 1,600,000 inhabitants and is at the heart of a metropolitan area extending to 2,500km², with close to 5,000,000 inhabitants, representing 63.4% and 10.2% of the Catalan and Spanish population respectively.

In southern Europe the most significant megaregion, or polycentric groups of cities, is the Barcelona-Lyon corridor, which encompasses 25 million inhabitants and a production of around €1.000 billion, putting it in 16th and 11th position in the world for population and wealth respectively.

The diverse, intercultural and cosmopolitan spirit of Barcelona is shown by the fact that more than 17% of the city’s residents are foreigners.

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