City Facts

City Population: 837,155
City Area: 219.31 km2
Metropolitan Area Population: 2,332,773
Metropolitan Area: 2,580.26 km2
City GDP:
(in million €)
GDP per inhabitant:
(in thousands per inhabitant)
Annual Budget: 5,340 (in million €, 2015 budget figures)
Main business sectors by gross added value: Financial and business services, ICT, logistics, creative, life sciences, fashion, aerospace, hotels, real estate and food

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and also its biggest city with 837,155 inhabitants. It makes up a large part of the northern Randstad area, which is one of the largest conurbations in Europe counting roughly 7 million inhabitants.The city is a true melting pot of people and cultures with 177 nationalities living in Amsterdam, which is clearly reflected in its rich cultural scene.

While the national government is based in The Hague, Amsterdam is the financial and commercial capital of the country. It is one of the main financial cities in Europe and home to all the major players in the global playing field. The Amsterdam Area is a major asset management centre and is home to the world's largest pension funds and leading asset managers. Moreover, many international law and accountancy firms are located in the region.


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